Art-fully Piergiorgio Barbarich SCULPTURE
Making and admiring sculpture is for me at once re-energizing and defining, a release and an expression, therapeutic and engaging. I also enjoyed and found new meaning while helping other artists exhibiting their work and facilitating art lovers appreciating artwork as president of the Vienna International Centre Art Club. As a teacher I augmented my instruction with my art and, through specially designed lessons and assignments, encouraged my students to express themselves artistically.

While beauty in nature is my main model and inspiration, human virtues and aspirations also loom large in my work. This love for nature has spurred me to work on environmental pieces.

After I decide on an idea as the conceptual basis for a new piece, and extract the general form, I strive for flowing lines, grace, balance, and resolution. I try to exploit the medium with which I work and showcase its intrinsic qualities. My art is most successful when it stimulates the viewer's imagination and provokes a reaction.

I believe in a strong role for art in society. Whether in inspiring, reminding, helping to express and imagine, celebrating, or pushing the boundaries of technology and materials, its contribution to human endevours cannot be overstated.

My gratitude and appreciation goes to:
Tjerrie VERHELLEN, my sculpture teacher at the RHOK Academy in Brussels, Belgium, for using his many talents, skills, energy, and humor to support us students in his classes and at the service of the community.
Hélène ROBERTS, an accomplished sculptor, who welcomed me in her studio, patiently taught me about mold making from clay models, gave me valuable pointers working in concrete, and helped me finding useful resources in and around Brussels, Belgium.
Gerhard FOUSEK, a great artist and friend for giving me inspiration, moral support and practical assistance.
Ruth WATERS (Hardwood Direct Carving Studio) and B.J. STEVENSON (Stone Direct Carving Studio) , teachers at 1870 Art Center in Belmont, California for running carving classes in a most congenial environment and being a huge source of inspiration with their deep commitment to the community of artists and at large.
Deborah RUMER (Art), Patricia PEARCE (Design), Edwin SEUBERT (Graphic Design), and Sam SANCHEZ (Web Design), teachers at College of San Mateo, California for their dedicated, creative, and professional guidance.
• All other artists and non-artists, alive and gone, who inspired or supported me with their work, words and deeds.
Updated  19-Aug-2012